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Bactitox Tub of 150 Alcohol Free Multi Surface Disinfection Wipes

Bactitox Tub Of 150 Multi Surface Disinfection Wipes - Alcohol Free

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Bactitox Tub Of 150 Multi Surface Disinfection Wipes


    • Tub of 150 alcohol-free surface disinfectant wipes

    • Effective in 30 seconds, tested according to EN14476, EN1276, EN1650, EN1500 by an accredited, third-party laboratory

    • Wipe size: 18 x 20 cm, 25 g / m 2. Weight of Tub 800g

    • Suitable for domestic, medical and professional use on electronic devices, mobile phones, furniture

    • Achieve better hygiene, Prevents the spread of infection

Tub of 150 multi purpose wipes without ethanol for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Outstanding antimicrobial performance ideal for cleaning at home or at the office on all hard surfaces. Free of alcohol, aldehyde and phenols, the wipes doesn't discolour surfaces. Dedicated to a fast and efficient disinfection of various hard surfaces. The liquid evaporates quickly and the equipment is ready for use. Our disinfectant wipes are soft, skin friendly and good at retaining moisture.

Suitable for disinfection on hard surfaces and equipment such as furniture, trolleys, shopping baskets, door handles, bed frames, wheelchairs, mobile phones, laptop computers, light switches, television remote controls, chairs, steering wheels.

This product has been tested in accordance with European Standards EN 1276 - EN 1650 - EN 1500 supporting documentation is held on file by Bactitox.